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Dependant is a flash based puzzle game, part jigsaw, part sliding puzzle, where you move or rotate segments of an image, affecting the others segments (i.e. move a part to the left, and the other ones moves to the right), and you have to find the combination of movements to get the image back together.

The background images are particle-based generative pieces that flow as you solve the puzzle.

The mechanics are all about relationships. The game plays by clicking and dragging the parts of the image. Each part moves in only one particular axis (left-right, up-down, rotates, etc). When you move a part, it may move the other parts, either the same way or the other way.

The game’s relaxing soundtrack is made by the awesome guys at Leemus Music





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4 Responses to “Dependant”

  1. Cari Says:


    Just, wow. I would love to mybridize this with a music/Max project with touchpad interfaces…

    Have you seen

    This is AWESOME.

  2. Darío Says:

    I loved it! Really fun puzzle game, simple but effective art. Keep on rocking Fer! We want more of your magic.

  3. Kreender Says:

    Dependant rocks!. Congratulations Fernando!. Keep many great games coming.

  4. Thanks a lot for creating this awesome game, really really cool!


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