Update and Timelapse

March 8, 2011

I’m back!

I hate starting posts with this but, I’m sorry for the lack of updates. Busy, etc.

This last time I’ve been working on getting Cubesome, now called Cardboard Box Assembler ready for next week’s launch. It involved a lot of endless hard work but now everything’s ready (and my brain is quite wasted). It will go live on march 17th in an awesome site I’ll reveal at launch.

Also, my now forgotten first independent game Dependant is also coming out next week! After a lot of waiting without knowing when the hell it was coming out, my sponsor finally decided to launch it. It will go live on march 15th. Yeah, weird.

In addition, I’m taking vacations and going to Mexico next week. So, everything will happen at once and my head will explode.

So, I leave you with a timelapse of a game jam we had this last weekend. I made a nifty Unity prototype that I may or may not continue working on. And yes, half the video is nothingness, but enjoy the music.


One Response to “Update and Timelapse”

  1. […] here’s the prototype I made this weekend I talked about. It’s my second attempt at working in Unity and I’ve gotta say it’s pretty damn […]

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