I hate naming things

December 13, 2010

This will be an “update” post. Not a rant on naming things. But I do hate naming things.

I hate coming up with a name for my games, I hate coming up with a name for these posts and I specially hate coming up with a subject for an email (that’s easily dealt with with thing like “Hey”, “Hi” and “This is an email”).

So, I gave up on the crazy giraffe project, so I though I’d let you know.

I’m now working on something for this month’s Experimental Gameplay Project, themed “Drawing“. It’s something that’s coming along very well and if nothing comes up, I’ll finish this week. Here’s a screenshot that doesn’t really reflect the gameplay but looked really nice:

So, yeah, it should be playable in a few days. Wich means a week or so, since I never keep this promises.


3 Responses to “I hate naming things”

  1. Marcos Says:

    Buena suerte! Pinta lindo el screenshot.

    Good luck! Your screenshot looks nice.

  2. Rho Says:

    Me imagino que debe ser muy difícil poner nombres a los juegos sabiendo que tienen que ser en inglés y acá, todos somos unos argentinos hijos de vecino.

  3. Darío Says:

    Dale, pelá marca! Cubesome es un buen nombre, ponele. No te hagàs!! Che, quiero jugar este juego!!

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