November 12, 2010

Hello. First, I want to say that I’m writing this post without any type of pressure or obligation from any mafiOUCH… external sources. I’ve decided by myself that it’s been enough secrecy about my current project and I’ll now tell you to pleasecallthecopstheyhavegunsandthey’vethreathenedmycatOK ok sorry!

Announcing Cubesome!


Cubeness, awesomeness: Cubesomeness! Cubesome is a puzzle platformer where you run and jump inside the faces of a cube. Really cool things happen.

I’ve been working on this with Miguel for a month now, and we’re trying a 20x speed approach to development with this one. We’re a few days from finishing it, and we’re really happy with how it’s coming along.

There’s an awesome site with some screenshots, and in the next few days we’ll be releasing trailers and cool stuff that we haven’t even thought of yet. So go check it out now and tell everyone on earth about it!

Cubesome mini site, check it out!



3 Responses to “Cubesome”

  1. Rodrigo Says:

    I like the games that Fernando makes.

  2. Marcos Says:

    ¡Promete mucho, gran idea!

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