The Big List Of Sponsors Updated and Easier

September 22, 2010

So Dependant is up on FGL and nothing was really happening for the last week (no sponsor views for several days), so I got a little anxious and decided to email sponsors directly, since not a lot of them saw the game when I put it as viewable anyway.

So I took the famous Big List of Sponsors by FreelanceGames and the Updated Big List Of Sponsors by Michael Edlavitch and checked each site and dumped the email and type of contact info into a spreadsheet for easier use and checked if the site was still online and the email is working.

This took me all day, so I figured I’d share it so nobody else has to go through with this tedious task.

You can see the spreadsheet here:

Have fun spamming!

6 Responses to “The Big List Of Sponsors Updated and Easier”

  1. FGL Joe Says:

    Hey there,

    Just wanted to say that’s a pretty awesome list you have put a lot of work into there 🙂 But just a heads up, a lot of sponsors don’t really like being directly messaged… Simply because so many of them are flooded with messages. A great way to communicate with them would be directly through the Flash Game License website 😉

    • Yup you’re right. I mostly put it together since I didn’t know most sponsors were on FGL, or their usernames. Maybe we can improve the list by marking the sponsors’ usernames, or if they shouldn’t be contacted directly?

  2. MC Says:

    …y como te fue al final?

  3. I want sameone who can sponsor me to study university.I am Rwandan,I am 24 yearsold,I am total orphelin,i am poor and i ended secondary school in 2010. i am waitting for you.Thanks

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  5. Jay Says:

    your comment on brought me here, and I think its a great list also.


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