Lapsus of Completeness

September 1, 2010


Work on Dependant is nearing an end. I’ll be reaching a content complete version for testing today! All levels are done (the most time consuming thing in this project, wich I’ll talk about in a future postmortem), the music guys sent me the first two final tracks and they’ll be wraping up within this and next week, so apart from a few minor bugs and optimization, the game is pretty much done.

It’s a weird feeling I get everytime I look at a game I’m working on and realize it’s … “a game”… like, the realization that what I’ve been making, wich until now has been nothing more than placeholder graphics, errors, things “I’ll fix later”, is now a complete, solid piece of work I’m proud to show to the world. I have to name this feeling since it’s very peculiar.

I’m also a little bit bitter about this taking so long (It’ll be three months this week). I’m proud of the polish it has, but still, I’m out of money and my goal was to finish it before that, so… But hey, whatever.

So stay tuned since I’ll be releasing a beta version to test, this time on FGL, this very week.


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