Feedback and perfectionism

August 2, 2010

SimAnt was awesome

I’m trying not to start every post with a “Phew! what a week”, but that’s kind of the mood every week lately.

Progress is slow but steady. The closed beta went very well. I got some very positive feedback wich is always great, but most testers actually gave some deep analysis about what could be improved on the game wich is awesome. It really impressed me that there’s actually people out there that’s willing to sit down and write thorougly about your thing.

My main fear when testing it was the initial problem of people not understanding the mechanic or finding it too frustrating. In the last sprints I worked on visual feedback and finding ways to communicate the progress to the player in unintrusive ways and desigining the first and introductory batch of levels so they were easy to get into. The feedback about this was mostly that the levels were pretty easy, wich is great since that was what I was striving for, and it means that people didn’t get stuck, and my work wasn’t in vain. Yay!

Another thing that hit me last week was a sort of perfectionist crisis. In addition to the feedback, I began to think of ways to improve the game’s mechanics, and started feeling that I was lacking features. Also, I started to get the feeling that this was taking too long, that I needed to finish the game as soon as I can to get some money in and that I can’t afford to take so long for every feature. Also, that I could take some time and make the game perfect. Also, that I shouldn’t strive for perfection or else it’d take forever.

Then my head exploded and I couldn’t work for days. Then I watched Michael Todd’s presentation and how his head also exploded. That, and some encouraging words from friends (and some awesome people I haven’t even met) got me back in track and striving for “the best I can do without going crazy”.

So, after that I designed and implemented all the screens in the game, saves and multi language support. And I was happy again!

Oh, the game is now called Dependant. Wich is a pretty crappy name, but the best I could think of after weeks of letting it sit in my head and one morning of actually sitting to come up with names. But I’ve always hated naming things.

Finally, here’s a few shots, baby!:


3 Responses to “Feedback and perfectionism”

  1. Noel Says:

    The screenshots look nice! I really, really like the colours used in the last one.

    And if you ever need some more beta testers, I would definitely be interested. 😀


  2. zlash Says:

    ¡Si se puede!¡Si se puede!

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