Mirrorpuzzle v0.2

July 12, 2010

Another week, another update.

This week ended as slow as it began. I didn’t get much new features in the game but I did manage to get a “showable” version of the game to test it with people (wich I didn’t as much as I wanted to, but that’s another matter).

After deciding to go for an abstract generative art style for the game, I wanted each level’s background to be something beautiful that the player would gaze upon after solving the puzzle. Also, I needed to make backgrounds that could be reusable within levels without looking repetitive, and that making variations would not be difficult.

What I did to achieve this is implement Richard Lord‘s amazing Flint particle system into the game. Also, I defined a set of different color schemes for the backgrounds to use (made with the great Color Scheme Designer by Petr Stanicek). I reworked the levels classes to allow me to make different backgrounds with moving particles and in the levels configuration file define wich level uses wich background, and with wich color scheme. The result is this, and this:

I’m quite excited with the looks of that, and it looks great in motion. It’s easy to make backgrounds that look awesome just by tweaking the behavior of the particles. And by using predefined color schemes that are armonious I can get a lot of variations that don’t look like the same repeated stuff (mostly). Also, and quite important, the game looks awesome on thumbnails!

One thing the game lacks is that the gameplay isn’t very clear. All who’ve played it (mostly non-players) have found trouble understanding the mechanic, so I’ll work as soon as I can on making that as clear as possible.

F out.


2 Responses to “Mirrorpuzzle v0.2”

  1. lino Says:

    Quiero jugaaarloooo XD

  2. jrjellybeans Says:

    I didn’t know you were on wordpress!

    I’m leaving this message here as a reminder to myself to visit your blog more.

    The game looks… interesting…

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