Late update

July 7, 2010

Maqui has been hard at work

It’s been a pretty busy week and I reached the first milestone on my yet-to-be-named-puzzle-game plan. I’m quite happy with this first week, I got a lot of stuff done!: Screens, transitions, menues, buttons, etcetera working, all the gameplay features implemented, and 12 levels designed and working.

When I get this finished I plan to write about level design. I knew it from past projects, but while making this I confirmed the fact that making the game in a way that’s as easy as possible (and fun) to make and tweak levels is essential to good level design. I spent easily an entire afternoon planning the levels format and workflow, and thinking a system where I could separate each part that comprises a level. And after implementing, I found not only that I had a very flexible system that allowed me to try, with very little work in making the assets, a lot of different combinations and gameplay variations, but that making the levels was actually fun. That made me happy. Also, designing on paper first is also fun.

Design on paper first!

Also, I defined the art style, searched references and was quite happy with it, but began having second thoughts when, after applying it to the levels, realized that it was affecting the gameplay directly. Also it was a lot of work on a different set of assets for every level. Now I’m going for an abstract, generative style, wich is quite far from the woodwork textured style I first chose.

It’s been a slow week so far, but I’m quite confident I can get a playtest friendly version by the end of the week.


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