Something new begins

June 28, 2010


Tomorrow I officially begin production for a new game based on the last prototype I made.

It’s a bit of a big deal to me since it will be the biggest game I’ve made so far by myself and the first game to try to monetize from since becoming independent.

The project is a Flash based game, to be marketed to portals, first seeking a sponsorship through FGL.

It consists of a puzzle game that mixes mechanics from slide puzzles and jigsaws, where you slide, move or rotate parts of an image or shape in order to reconstruct it. The twist is that moving one part affects the others in different ways.

The baby (Click to enlarge)

My plan is to have 80+ playable levels that explore the mechanics to its deepest and create a nice experience for anyone that likes logic puzzles.

I made a planning meeting with myself, and came up with this boring schedule:

  • July 2nd: “It’s alive“.

    The plan

    • A basic level running with every gameplay feature programmed
    • Game flow working: Menus, win a level, go to the next one, etc.
    • Art style defined
    • First set of levels
  • July 9th: “First playtest”.
    • Final art in levels and menues
    • Second set of levels
    • Initial sound and music
    • First playtesting sessions
  • July 16th: “Second playtest
    • Instructions, help, rewards.
    • All levels
    • More playtesting
  • July 23th: “Press demo
    • Make it usable (mute button, menues transitions, high scores, etc)
    • Final art everywhere.
    • Expert levels
    • Trailer and first levels demo sent to games blogs.
  • July 30th: “The end
    • Things you leave for the end: Credits, stats, site-locks, save games, fix bugs, etc.
    • Unleash it to FGL.

Of course, this probably won’t go anywhere as planned but at least I have a reason to get up early, sit and work my ass off!

Stay tuned!


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  1. […] been a pretty busy week and I reached the first milestone on my yet-to-be-named-puzzle-game plan. I’m quite happy with this first week, I got a lot of stuff done!: Screens, transitions, […]

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