So it begins

June 3, 2010


I’ve been waiting to have everything set up but what the hell, I’ll start this.

Hi, potential people.

My name is Fernando, I live in Buenos Aires and as of this week I’m an independent game designer.

What? Another kid tired of the big boys, going indie to do artsy pantsy stuff? That’s so 2005…

Maybe. I’ve been working in the games industry for almost three years and, while I loved most of the stuff I worked on and a real job at a real company taught me so much, I needed a change. And all the other kids were doing it, why not me?

Also, yes, I wanted to do artsy pantsy stuff.

So, what are your qualifications?

I studied Audiovisual Design (a mix of a lot of stuff that sounds good), I started messing around with Dreamweaver and 3D studio when I was 14, and since 17 I worked in companies or as a freelancer in Web design and programming, 2D and 3D illustration, animation, 3D modelling, Graphic design and other dark arts.

But it wasn’t until I designed and programmed my first game prototype that I found what I was brought into this dimension to do.

That’s nice but we don’t need more people doing more retro platformers with physics.

Then stay tuned for all the awesome projects* I’ll be posting about!

Oh, I’ll also post about making a living out of making games, in a big city, in Argentina.
And about my cat.
And me cooking.

*(A big percentage may not be entirely retro platformers)


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